Life’s Rewards (w/t) - Digital Series - Paid

Must be able to WORK AS LOCAL in St. Pete Clearwater area. Headshot & resumes to: [email protected]

Life’s Rewards (w/t) is looking for supporting roles for a scripted digital/streaming series. Diverse candidates who can work locally in St. Pete/Clearwater are encouraged to apply. Must submit demo reel.

Company: Odyssey Studios a Miles Partnership Company

Location: St. Pete/Clearwater, Florida

Start Date: TBD

Shooting Schedule: Block one is tentatively scheduled for Jan 11-15 and Jan 19-23; Block two is Feb 8-12 and Feb 15-19.


Jerry [supporting, male, 30-50] friendly financial executive with working-man feel

Joel [supporting, male, 25-30, diverse] desk-bound executive assistant, young and naive yet insightful

Staff Biologist [supporting, female, 25-30] professional, high-energy, hands-on marine biologist, friendly love interest

Maria [supporting, female, 20-25, LatinX] Hotel maid, appears pregnant in scene

Raul [supporting, male, 20-25, LatinX] Hotel barback and boyfriend to Maria

Paul [male, 30-25, caucasian] Responsible family man, strained relationship with younger brother

Stanford Demmings [supporting, male, 40-60, diverse, LGBTQ+] Outgoing, professional, business executive, proud to be LGBTQ+ and advises on community events


Bankrupt CEO [male, 40-50, diverse]

Family [male & female, 35-45; son & daughter, 5-10, diverse] Appear in summer clothing and swimsuits, prefer real family due to COVID-related social distancing protocols

Hotel Staff / Geocache Team [8-10 male & female, 20-45, diverse]

Convention attendee aka Matt [male, 30-45, diverse] Friendly business professional attending a conference

Logan [male, 8-11, wheelchair-bound] Energetic, curious, independent, happy

Catie [female, 11-15] Thoughtful, mature, happy

Nani [female, 55-75, LatinX] Grandmother

Boat Captain [male, 45-65, diverse] Performs wedding ceremony on a boat

Mr. Worthington [male, 45-65, diverse] Business professional


Conference staff [4-5 male & female, 30-60, diverse]

Biologist’s friends [3-4 male & female, 25-30, diverse]

Stanford’s friends [3 male, 40-60, diverse, LGBTQ+]