Local Incentive – the Business Development Marketing Program

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Film St. Pete/Clearwater's (Film SPC) mission, via its Business Development Marketing Program (i.e., Cash Rebate Program), is ultimately to promote our destination to the entertainment industry.

Film SPC's Cash Rebate Program pays 10-30% on qualified expenditures, above- and below-the-line, occurring within Pinellas County's 24 municipalities, and there is no spending minimum!

The St. Pete Clearwater area (Pinellas County) offers a 10-30% cash rebate with a $250,000 per project cap. The State of Florida does not offer film tax incentives. The initial 10% is based on local expenditures. An additional 10-20% is based upon tourism deliverables. For example; saying the name of the area in the project, on screen beauty shots of beaches, landmarks, etc.

To apply for funding, click here to request an application. Based upon the information provided, the Film Commission will determine the cash rebate amount, providing an initial dollar amount. This initial amount is contingent upon the monies spent locally and the production's traditional and social media marketing value.

A third party evaluates and estimates a production's value by how Pinellas County is portrayed to boost tourism. For example:

  • References to particular cities/townships, local attractions, landmarks, and other key locations
  • A "thanks to" mention and Film SPC's brand included in the credits (as agreed to between parties)
  • Special appearances and testimonial videos by principal cast or above-the-line crew, endorsing Pinellas County as a place for production (also used in Film SPC marketing)
  • Joint public relations campaigns, promoting the production and Pinellas County, including social media, and
  • A film premiere, promoting the production and Pinellas County for local residents.

All cash rebate funding disbursements are contingent upon a signed contract. An expense report or other industry standard accounting summary must accompany all invoices and receipts. Film SPC will provide a complete list of all contractually mandated deliverables.

Upon the production's completion (i.e., the film/project has been completed), cash rebate payments (i.e., payment timeline) solely depends upon the production's delivery of all required contractual agreements, paperwork, forms, receipts, and invoices. Once those are received, reviewed, and approved, the production may receive payment in as little as 90-days from acknowledgement of all completed items.

Click here to request a Film SPC Cash Rebate Program application.