Parking, Police & fire


Parking fees will apply if required at the location. Usually, the parking departments in our cities can arrange to bag meters and accept a lump-sum payment from the production company. No vehicles are to be driven or parked off-road without prior permission. All parking must be in legal spaces, unless prior arrangements have been made.    

Police Services

Police services can be arranged to assist with traffic , crowd control and security. The scope of your project will determine how many officers and cruisers will be needed. In most cases, the cost is an hourly charge with a four-hour minimum. Price varies depending on whether the officer comes from a city municipality or the sheriff's department, and the officers' usual compensation rate. Expect fees in the range of $50/hour per officer. 


If your production requires pyrotechnics, it must be separately permitted and pre-approved by the fire marshal of the city where the filming will occur.  

Campfires and bonfires are allowed only with special permission, and not in every beach jurisdiction. If this is a requirement of your shoot, it will need to be pre-approved by the fire marshal of the beach where the filming will occur. 

Please contact our office for more detail or assistance with these services.